11-15-2019 - Updates? Here? You must be joking...
Well, while I know that there are still a few that use CoyoteCode, its functionality is mostly in the roller at this point. I'll keep that maintained, but I realize there's much better sites out there for most of the things I once envisioned. Life is funny that way, it takes you down paths you weren't looking for. That said, I hope everyone is doing well out there, and keep gaming!

9-25-2007 - Well then, that was fun!
I apologize to all the people who have come to use Coyotecode.net. There was a slightly hiccup dealing with the renewal of the domain. If you're reading this, then I welcome you back to CoyoteCode.net, and am glad your ISP's cache has been updated. Let people know if they do not know its back up, please.

This is the first real let down from the site (I like to think), but its still a major one in my opinion, and I apologize for it. I will do everything in my power to make sure this is by no means a normal occurance. I want this to be a reliable, friendly site.

In other news, I have gotten the storage and bandwidth allowances increased to stave off problems of that nature. We weren't actually hitting any problems yet, but better safe than sorry!
Once again, here's to a bright future, and keep those games rolling!

Welcome to Coyotecode.net
I hope to turn into a friendly community of people with a focus on play by post games. While the site is still in its infancy, I am in the process of upgrading and interconnecting the key sections of the site.

Please, feel free to register on the forums and profiler (preferably with the same name as I'm working on interconnecting the two) and use the dice roller for any reason you need. All three seperate pieces are functional, but currently lack that last bit of polish I hope to put on them, with all of your help.

Here's to a bright future, I hope to see you in a game!